Drift, Inc

I’ve been working with Drift since the early days of the company, helping shape their brand image along the way.

"As a CEO, I value the passion and energy in the people I work with. Algert brought a lot of that to Drift. His design aesthetic is always on point, and his vision for branding is worth gold".

Hypergrowth Network

Digital Ads

Hypergrowth is Drift’s annual Sales & Marketing conference.


Privy, Inc

Privy is a highly rated e-commerce marketing platform for the Shopify marketplace.

"Two things are crucial to me as a CMO: creativity and speed. Algert delivers on both! I worked with him at Drift and, hired his agency at Privy; later on. The results have always been exceptional. I would recommend to anyone".


Datawire is a Boston based startup that creates Open Source tools for developers.

Putnam Investments

Putnam is an investment management firm based in Boston, MA