Branding Best Practices: Listen to the global urgency.



Sep. 14th, 2020

Some of the best branding practices are common sense. One of them is structuring your writing to reflect the current global urgency, in other words, start writing ads with the current state of the world in mind.

By brainstorming with this in mind, you’ll run into ideas that are more appealing to your target audience and expand your branding awareness. It’s a creative process, one that many companies try to embrace, but very few execute successfully.

Here are my two favorites:

The recent KFC slogan change

KFC has used the globally synonymous illustration of the colonel and its “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” motto since the 1950s,. However, due to the recent pandemic, “finger licking” wasn’t part of the COVID-19 lexicon, and KFC was left with a big problem on their…well fingers.

KFC billboard

If KFC were to continue thriving, the franchise had to quickly reinvent itself to fit in a world where washing hands and social distancing became paramount. Of course, with a creative marketing team, the fried chicken tycoon swiftly did just that! KFC replaced its obsolete commercials and concisely replaced them with “That Thing We Always Say? Ignore It. For Now.

The response was staggering, prompting many media outlets such as UK’s Radio 4, The Guardian, and the Daily Mail to cover the new ads.


KFC wasn’t the only big chain adjusting to global needs, fast food competitor McDonald’s also reinvented itself by creating an ad that not only solidified its branding but also promoted sales. As the world waited for restaurants to slowly open its doors to the public, after the coronavirus caused thousands of restaurants to close for months, McDonald’s in the UK welcomed back its customers by simply creating an ad that said: “Welcome Back.

As branches opened along with the country, the infamous fast-food chain made it safer for their customers to get their Big Macs and other menu favorites by offering socially distanced in-door dining, drive-thru, and/or delivery. The celebratory tone generated media buzz since it triggered nostalgia among the crowds who missed their Happy Meals.

Although these fast-food moguls, respectably, will one day return to their original slogan and leave nostalgia behind, for now, the key focus of their marketing campaigns is on global urgency.

Here is how you can write ads focusing on global urgency:

1) Find out about your target audience’s current needs
2) Pay attention to the global state of affairs
3) Brainstorm ideas on how your branding could help a specific world need
4) Consider branding changes (if needed)
5) Don’t be afraid to be creative!