I help companies envision the future of their product and brand.

What is Algert?

According to my family, my name is made of two parts. "Al" stands for the first two letters of Albania, my place of birth and "Gert", well ... Gert, because why not? Pronounced Algert with a soft G.

I live in the beautiful city of Boston with my superstar wife and daughter.

Fun Fact My first major disappointment came early in life, when I was told I had zero talent by my art teacher (they could've gone with 1% instead but nope, zero!). Rejection fuels motivation, and that is how my visual design career started.

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with many companies, contributing first hand to products used by millions and their brand image. Some of those companies include Drift, Putnam Investments, PayPal and more.

Vision + execution According to many of my clients, the main reason they approach me for help, is my ability to envision an idea, and execute rapidly leveraging my design and technical skills. When it comes to creativity I believe no idea is too crazy, and overthinking is the enemy. Usually there is a very simple solution to most complex problems.

Let's talk Do you think your business could benefit from someone like me? If so let's talk. I'm yet to prove my art teacher wrong, but I'm very confident I could level your product and brand up!

Algert ❤️⚡️